Saturday, April 18, 2009

1st Pro Race here and gone

So I did it. I finished, well sort of, my first race as a professional mountain bike racer. Today as the short track, of which I had no expectations on a good result. Not only because I haven't raced yet this year but in addition to that I was called up dead last of 100 or so racers meaning bad things were going to happen. Next step in my misfortune was an inopportune crash at the start directly in front of me, this led to stopping and trying to get out of traffic. Finally with 100 guys trying to ride single track all at the same time, well the possibility of moving forward at a race pace are pretty much non existent. So I stood on top of the course for awhile, kind of like sitting in LA traffic, weird huh!?! Eventual result, 2 laps completed, 5 minutes 21 seconds of race time, 73rd place, ouch!

On a plus note my legs felt great and I was able to really get the HR up there, so hopefully the good opening ride will have me all set for tomorrow to have a good race. Still once again no expectations tomorrow. Race fitness isn't quite there yet and I am just getting used to this pro field, so going to give it my all try to stay with a good group and see what happens.

Until then....

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