Saturday, April 25, 2009

News, Notes, and a change of venue

First things first. Starting today I will not longer be posting about cycling on this blog. If you are interested in those cycling adventures I constantly have, well go check out my teams blog (until we finish building our website) at There you will find cycling related updates, photos, videos and more from the Transparent Racing crew, so head on over.

This weekend (the final weekend before school is out for the summer) I am down in Colorado Springs spending time with Shannon and her parents at the chic Broadmoor Hotel. This place is definitely super cool and fun! The food has been awesome, the wine (I don't even remember all the different wines I had last night alone) is fantastic and well I just feel fancy when I am here. Which is definitely cool.

Unfortunately while I am here though I have had to spend a large amount of time in our hotel room, which is gorgeous. You see, I have my final papers due this week (in fact I should be writing them now instead of doing this) and that means I am camped out up here looking out the window while attempting to get work done.

Well here's too more coffee, good wine and food tonight, and hopefully a successful attempt at finishing out the semester with something intelligent to say!


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