Thursday, April 16, 2009

On my way to Cali

Sitting here at the gate waiting for the plane to San Jose to let me get on. I think this is the first moment that I've actually felt professional as a cyclist. Chilling out, waiting for a flight and on my way to my first race. Though the first race of the season is always a nerve racking experience I think this year is even a bit more so. I've always been one to jump in head first and man am I doing that now. No training races and I'm flying to line up next to Christoph Sauser, well not really next to him more like 15 rows behind him, but still, it's a pretty crazy thought to have.

The past couple of hours, walking through the airport and thinking about this trip I've realized that the one thing I want to really accomplish is to be a paid professional cyclist. Ever since I was a small child playing t-ball or swimming my dream was to compete at the professional level and make this my career. Well I am one step closer, now let's make that next leap and get a paycheck to train and show up to cool places around the world to race my bike.

Out for now, check back for lots of updates from Sea Otter this weekend!

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