Saturday, August 8, 2009

Making My Way Back East

After spending a few days at the parents house in Pennsylvania I loaded up the car and headed to Round Top, NY; the home of an old friend from my NY living days Seamus Powell. The drive was pretty uneventful but once arriving it was such a welcome atmosphere that I felt right at home.

Seamus' parents are awesome! After one of the best dinners ever of lasagna, salad, and homemade italian bread I was ready for a huge nap (bed time for the night) before the short trip up to Mount Snow the next day.

The short trip to Mount Snow as definitely an adventure to say the least. It took roughly an hour to figure out how to load up the car with 3 bikes (only 2 bike racks) and 6 wheels. Solution, tie our wheels to our bikes on the roof rack and put one bike in the backseat. Overall it worked out pretty well until Macky picked up another frame when we arrived at Mount Snow that Colt from Cyclingdirt was holding on to for him. Hmmm.....

A quick preride of the new* Mount Snow course and we were on our way. Our new gracious hosts for the weekend were Andrew Freye and his girlfriend Haddey, Mike Joos, and John Burns. They've rented a sweet house (with wi fi) for the weekend and cooked up an awesome pasta dinner.

Today is race day and it is time to fix my nerves (a problem I was having at Nationals a few weeks ago) and see how things go. The course is tough in terms of climbing but not overly hard in terms of descending this year. I think when Mount Snow shortened their course the descents (though very similar and the same to last years) lost a large part of their technical nature purely because you don't go have to go down for as long making things much more interesting than years past at least on the pro race side.

We'll see what happens, the goal today is to hold on for 5 laps, legs feel good, so.....

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