Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Man I need to get some pictures up on this thing

Well now that I am getting back to blogging on this site I should definitely get some pictures up on this thing asap. Unfortunately I don't have any at the moment, hmm.... Well when I go back to Moraine State Park tomorrow I will make sure to stop and take some as this place is pretty ridiculous an awesome.

Currently I am relaxing at my parents in Northwestern Pennsylvania enjoying the uncharacteristically cool weather, however, it is ridiculously humid, and riding my bike a fair bit as training has fallen off slightly last week unfortunately.

Yesterday I drove down to Moraine State Park outside of Slippery Rock to session the most ridiculously technical trails one will ever ride short of Rothrock Forest in State College, in fact I would say these trails are harder purely because the climate is just slightly damper.

The name of the game at Moraine is rocks. Though it is the east coast and there are plenty of roots they are not really a problem here. From beginning to end of these trails there are monstrous rock gardens where every rock is damp and covered in moss making it ride like an ice rink. To make it more interesting there are car and bus size boulders that have rock bridges and wood bridges built on and off of them to facilitate interesting riding. If you can find a rhythm here and flow these trails you can rock any race course. I guess I'll be heading back down again tomorrow, maybe if I ride super tech trails all week I will be ready for Mount Snow and just rip it so fast that I scare myself.

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