Thursday, February 5, 2009

25 Things....

So I posted this on facebook a couple of days ago after being tagged in many other people's 25 things notes, but some of you may not be online networking nerds or are but don't check facebook so here it is:

1. I'm a college graduate and in graduate school for philosophy but still don't know what to do with my life.

2. Some of you may know this, but this year is my first year as a professional athlete, hopefully it goes well!?!

3. I am very good at wasting time, particularly on the internet when my reading is on the computer and not from a book.

4. Design and Architecture really interest me, especially lighting design and architectural design geared towards it, so many pretty things.

5. I have a 2 1/2 year old cat and a 7 month puppy that cause annoyance, aggravation, and laughter all at the same time.

6. I'm engaged to the most wonderful woman in the world! - she puts up with my cycling addiction and even encourages me!

7. Religion is confusing and difficult for me to know what to think about it. I really would love to have a religious mindset, but it is very difficult for me. I think I think too much about stuff - hence the bachelors in philosophy and soon to be masters.

8. I often regret not majoring in physics or engineering as they are far more practical fields.

9. My family can often be very difficult to deal with, but I love them regardless and look forward to family gatherings whenever we can all manage to be in the same place at the same time.

10. I love to travel, around the US, the world, wherever I am living. It is very hard for me to sit still - a problem when it comes to effective training as an athlete.

11. I enjoy all types of movies no matter how ridiculous and inane they are, I can always find something to appreciate in it.

12. I often do not believe I am as smart as my peers.

13. I really enjoy extended periods in the mountains with friends, regardless of the trials and tribulations one goes through, it is always fun. Spencer and Kate - last saturday was pretty awesome!

14. I am a very shy person. It takes a lot of mental preparation to call the pizza guy.

15. Weather greatly affects my mood. If it is gross and rainy out I tend to be very grumpy, unless I am lining up for a bike race (cross or mountain preferably), then I am smiling and laughing!?!

16. I love to cook food and eat food, it is one of the greatest pleasures I have.

17. I am a big fan of craft beers and expensive wines, but very rarely do I like any hard liquor.

18. Doing things from scratch, like making pizza, pasta, beer, wine, etc. is far more enjoyable than purchasing those items. There is a greater sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. Typically, the challenge is what intrigues me.

19. I am not much of a manly man. I like beer, I like sports (kind of, only when I actually go to the game), and I like cars (but not from the normal guy's perspective, I don't know anything about how they work nor do I understand it, I like the ones that look cool and can do cool stuff e.g. Subaru WRX, Honda Element, etc.). I enjoy reading, writing, cooking, playing music/listening to music, and going to the theatre (ballet, opera, etc.) much more than most guys do.

20. I love getting lost in new places. It is the best way to learn anything about where you are.

21. I am obsessive with my blackberry and feel the urge/need to check it every time it buzzes because I have a message of some sort.

22. Leaving Meadville after High School was the best decision I have ever made in my life, but I miss all of you who are still living in PA and wish we could hang out more.

23. I have the worst memory on the planet, I can be asked to do something and within a minute completely forget what I was supposed to do. I can also tell myself that I have to do X and forget soon thereafter and get very confused as to what I was doing.

24. I wish I was a better driver in traffic and didn't get so nervous, especially now that I live in a large metropolitan area.

25. I gave up being a vegetarian because: a) I love food b) I am poor and can't afford to feed myself as a vegetarian c) eating all natural and organic animal products are healthy

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dan said...

I think that the fact you are from meadville Pa is cool. I grew up in Warren Pa I am twice your age but love my bikes,mtn road, tandem, commuter. i too live in Longmont and look forward to improvements to come