Sunday, February 15, 2009

Busy As Ever

Recently, I have been exceptionally busy with school and training!! This past week I have split my time between reading exceptional amounts of philosophy, particularly, ethical theories and training. Which has been good as this is what I love to do. The down side to all this is that my house turned into a disaster area with bike stuff strewn about and books all over the dining room table, it was brutal and I was going nuts. Finally, yesterday during Valentine's Day Shannon and I proceeded to clean, of which she definitely did more of and now the house looks great! Thanks sweetheart! But all this just makes me think about what life would be like if I could ever ride my bike for a living. Things would not be so tight with time and I would not have to rush around after my rides trying to get to class and get my reading done. I definitely love the challenge of school and cycling together and it does allow me to not procrastinate as much as I may otherwise, however, sometimes there is just so much to take care of that I go nuts!!

Unfortunately, I don't have any good pictures from recent training rides. This week has been the start of intensity, and that means my rides are much shorter and I tend to not go to as many interesting places. So far this week I have ridden to Carter Lake and back twice. I love the Carter Lake ride, it is beautiful, fun, and definitely has some good solid climbs, however, you can only do the same ride so many times! Maybe today I'll head up to Ward and back for my ride or explore and ride up to Gold Hill?? I don't know.

Another exciting thing has happened this week though. The beer that Shannon and I made a number of weeks ago is finally ready to drink. We cracked open a bottle for Valentine's day last night and were very happy, we pulled it off! we made a great beer. I wouldn't say it is the most flavorful, but is a nice hoppy, but smooth Ale. Nothing like a dry hopped ale from Avery or Boulder Beer it has it's own special characteristics. Shannon and I are really happy with it and it was definitely a good way to kick off the Valentine's evening festivities of cooking fancy french food (Crepes, Lobster Bisque, and Baguette) and wine/champagne!

Until next time....

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