Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Racing Schedule 2009

So for the past couple of months I have been thinking about my racing schedule for 2009 and there is a lot to think about. I've decided that I want to branch out a little bit more and do some more longer events in addition to the shorter events that I am accustomed to competing in. So here it is the tentative 2009 race schedule (everything except Cyclocross!):

Date Race
March 22nd - Coyote Classic, El Paso, TX
March 29th - Koppenberg Circuit Race
April 10-12 - MSC Rabbit Valley Run
April 18-19th - NMORS Tour of Socorro
April 26th - NMORS High Altitude Classic
May 2-3 - MSC Chalk Creek Stampede
May 9th - Front Range 50, Lakewood, CO
May 23-25 - MSC Chile Challenge
May 30th - Pajarito Punishment
May 31st - US Pro Cup Bump and Grind, AL
June 4-7 - Teva Mountain Games
June 13th - Winter Park Series Hill Climb Kick off
June 21-23 - MSC Wildflower Rush
June 27th - Winter Park Series XC
July 4th - Firecracker 50 - Marathon Nats
July 11th-12th - WPS Valley Point to Point/ Super D
July 16-19 - National Championships Granby, CO
July 25-26th - NMORS Frazer Mtn Madness
August 1-2 - Crankworx Colorado
August 7-9 - MSC Blast the Mass
August 9th - NMORS Cedro Peak
August 8-9 - US East Cup Mount Snow
August 15th - WPS XC
August 15-16 - US East Cup Windham
August 20-23rd - American Mountain Classic Stage Race
August 29th - WPS King of the Rockies Finale
September 4-6 - MSC Sol Survivor
September 11-13 - MSC Fall Classic
September 18-20 - Cactus Cup
September 20th - NMORS Horny Toad Hustle
September 26th - High Desert Screamer
October 4th - Road Apple Rally
October 10-11th - 24-Hour Nationals at Moab

As one can see there are a couple of conflicts listed here and as is obvious as well there are some long runs of a race occurring every weekend. I garuntee that I will not do every race on this schedule, however, these are the races on my radar that I would like to do so there is a good chance that if the race is happening and there is not a conflict I will be there! See you all out there!

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