Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Blogging in Pictures

This past week has had a lot of happenings in the realm of riding and in the realm of not riding, so I will give a description of each picture, which is located without attention to particular order so everyone knows what I am up to and then discuss other amazing moments of the week later. So here it is:

On Sunday Shannon got some free tickets to the Nuggets game from one of her patients at the Dentist office she works at. We met up with some good friends (Tim, Amber, and Chuck). Drank beers, laughed, watched the Nuggets stomp the Utah Jazz. This isn't actually from that game but another one we went to previously where the Nuggets beat the Phoenix Suns and we had better seats!

The amazing rusted out old car just before you get to the abandoned silo on the Picture Rock Trail. This is one of the best trails in all of the Front Range and the abandoned buildings and car make it all the better! (By the way that is my bike chilling by the car, she thought they could be friends!?!)

Here is the top of Heil Ranch almost at the observation point. Chuck and I got first tracks this morning in Heil, pretty cool!Ahhh, the beauty of Sram Rival. Though the derailleur cable routing is a little tricky, this stuff is pretty awesome, even after one roller ride I am hooked!
Immediately before I took the final plunge on the new set up and wrapped the bar tape and cut the cables to the proper length and cut the new chain.
Wow, now we are back towards the beginning of the process, only a crankset and shifters placed on the bike, nothing else.
Just got the crankset on, Truvativ/Sram you guys rule making cranksets that don't require special tools like Shimano to remove and install!
Just finished stripping her down with the help of Bike'nHike in Longmont, CO. I don't own a Shimano dust cap removal tool for their external bottom bracket set ups, so I required their services.
On Sunday Jason Hilimire and I planned on hitting the trails in the snow. This is the first temperature reading my car got as I turned it on. In actuality it was closer to 11 degrees at the trail head and never broke 20 that whole day. For a better run check out Jason's Blog:
On Saturday I went out and explored a new place called devil's Backbone in Loveland, CO. Pretty awesome, really pretty, and super fun trails! Good day of fun!

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