Thursday, January 15, 2009

School's Out for the Summer

Well, not actually. In fact it is quite the opposite, school has just begun, at least for those attending CU Boulder, those at Bard College in New York, well enjoy your continued break because I'll be done on May 1st and you won't be done till somewhere around May 20th! Hah!

So, this has been my first week back at school. This means that I have to think more carefully about my day and cannot just wake up, walk the dog, eat some food, ride by 10 or 12 and then relax the rest of the afternoon. Rather, my day goes like this (typically): wake up, drink first cup of stove-top espresso, walk the dog, make oatmeal and second cup of espresso to enjoy while reading the newspaper and getting up every minute to get the dog refocused on eating his food, look at my training plan, decide whether I will ride in the am or in the pm (typically am, but it seems that Thursdays have a consipracy against that I can't ride till after my class), ride, shower, read, let dog out of kennel for an hour or two to get wiggles out, drive to park and ride, get on the BOLT, walk to campus, talk about philosophy, walk back to Boulder Bus Station, ride BOLT home, drive home, walk dog, feed dog, feed myself, sleep. Very unexciting as you can tell.

However, there are good things to this. When I have school and other responsibilities (e.g. part time job, training, household chores) I tend to be much more productive during the day. When I am on break and don't have anything to do I tend to sit around the house and peruse the internet (I'm not much of a tv person, in fact I haven't quite figured out how to work our direct tv remote yet). Unfortunately, this gets old and there are only so many websites that I can go to multiple times in a day, so now, school is here, I am working on getting my substitute teaching license and another job as an editor for a education publication so that I can be so busy that I feel like a useful member of society.

Granted, if someone suddenly decided to pay me to race my bike (with this economy, that's a laugh!) then I would find something to do, maybe I would put in bigger training weeks than I have been to occupy my time, though that is not my decision.

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