Monday, January 19, 2009

Chasing Hilimire Around the Mountains

Jason may dispute this but yesterday Jason Hilimire and I went out for an epic road ride in which he absolutely put me through my paces. To see some photos and videos check out his blog: Here is my story!

The morning started really well, woke up, walked the dog, ate a monster breakfast that made me feel good. This is because I made one of the best breakfast burritos ever with some tater tots on the side. My burrito consisted of: 2 eggs, half an onion, 3 fire roasted green chiles I picked up while racing in NM (I have about 10 pounds more sitting in the freezer), mexican cheese, mushrooms, leftover refried beans, leftover soy beef all wrapped up in a big tortilla. check out it out:As you might be able to tell I really enjoy food, which makes it a good thing that I am an athlete and require large quantities of it!

After eating and letting my food digest a little I suited up and headed out the door to discover some awesome warm weather, my gloves came off quite quickly. After 40 minutes of spinning and not trying to burn any matches I made it out to Left Hand Canyon where I was to meet Jason. After a few short words we were on our way. As we headed up I quickly noticed this dude is strong, he was cleaning the first part of the climb in his big ring at a fairly close cadence to me in my small ring.

In essence this ride was to be Epic. First we had the 16 mile climb up Left Hand Canyon, then there were a series of climbs along the peak to peak until we eventually reached Allenspark and had to climb up for another solid 10 miles to just below Longs Peak before the windy descent into Estes Park. After a short break in Estes Park to refuel and get ready for the last 30 miles of riding home we made our way up the 3 mile climb out of Estes Park and suddenly started booking it down the descent into Lyons and welcome warmer temps (though they had not been that bad all day).

This ride was definitely tough, I checked my data on my HRM afterwards and saw that it came to this:
AVG HR - 150
MAX HR - 187
AVG Cadence - 77
Max Cadence - 106
Calories Burned (approximate) - 4780
Miles 88.86
Elevation Gained - approx. 6,500 ft.

Here is our route:

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