Thursday, January 8, 2009

Fires Ablaze

I was originally going to write about the crazy winds that pounded me on my 2.5 hour ride yesterday, blowing me off the road once and nearly throwing me into oncoming traffic numerous other times. However, it seems that there are more serious problems in this part of the world right now, FIRE!

Yesterday afternoon a downed telephone pole caused a spark and with the increasingly dry conditions we have had here recently this immediately led to a fire. To make matters worse a short warm front has hit Colorado and with that comes the Chinook winds, that blow, at least yesterday, upwards of 75 mph. As one can imagine this caused very fast spreading. The first fire, dubbed Neva Fire (began near Neva road on the east side of Highway 36) was dealt with fairly swiftly, however, there was a second fire. As far as I can tell from news sources it has not been dealt with completely at this point. My heart and thoughts go out to all who have been evacuated and I hope that all is well with them in this time of struggle.

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