Monday, January 12, 2009

New Beginnings (sort of)

So, today was officially the first day of school for the spring semester at CU Boulder. Well, I don't actually have class today, but I do have a reading group to attend, which results in a fun hour and a half talking about an interesting book with other students and professors without the horrifying part consisting in grades or paper writing. In this case we are reading a really interesting book, The Problem of Punishment by David Boonin, the chair of our very department, I think in some sense he is wrong though, so... Expect more updates on the school front as the semester goes on.

On another note: today is also a rest day on the bike. This means I end up spending a lot of time sitting around staring at the internet. This is primarily because my wonderful fiancee is at work and I am stuck at home alone waiting to leave to go to school. I end up missing her a lot, so I look at cycling stuff on the internet. This resulted in a twitter conversation with Jason Hilimire about power meters. Seems that I should get a Power Tap from saris, wish I could afford it, maybe if the finding a part time job results in a well paying one it will happen.

Finally, in my goofing off in the house all day the dog, good ole Lucas was starting to show signs of his protecting nature as a great pyrenees, he would wonder the house looking out all the windows to make sure nothing was coming to attack. This is him looking out the window over our kitchen sink:

He's a big one and only 7 months old at that

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