Thursday, January 1, 2009

Best laid plans of mice and men

Well it is a new year and I was hoping to start it off on the right foot this year. Woke up, got an email about my training ride today (2 hours endurance pace, have fun!). I was pretty stoked, being new years day I thought hitting up some what I thought would be clear and fun trails would be a great way to kick off 2009. Well, after researching the best riding options on I quickly realized that picture rock trail, an awesome new trail from Lyons to Heil Ranch (Boulder area) was a no go and it wasn't looking like there were any other good 2 hour rides that would be good enough to go riding. To the road it was.

2 hour road endurance ride, hmmm... what can I do? Well one of my favourite roads is Left Hand Canyon Drive, gradual climb, beautiful views, but it takes 2 hours just to reach Ward, so why not take the turn off to Jamestown. Good idea. Well here are some photos of my pretty much awesome, warm, sunny and beautiful ride. Note my gloveless hands and hat less head!

Photos in the style Jeff Kerkove, thanks for the inspiration!

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