Friday, January 23, 2009

Winter has returned

Well, after spending nearly 2 full weeks being pretty warm on the bike today ended that string of joy. I knew by watching the weather that things were going to turn for the worse today, but I don't think my body was quite as prepared for it as my mind. As I rolled out of the open space parking lot at the Left Hand Vally trail head to head up Left Hand Canyon mashing the big ring (muscle tension intervals) I realized that maybe my winter jacket, long sleeve jersey, leg warmers, shoe covers, winter gloves, and winter hat may not quite keep me as warm as I had hoped, this was because I was watching little snow flakes drift by my face every once in awhile. Well, the few every once in awhile turned into a good blowing of snow around the Left Hand and James Canyon split. However, luckily nothing was sticking to the dirt off the road (hopefully it will stay that way as I hope to check out some of the fine trails that Fort Collins has to offer tomorrow and then return to the awesome Heil/Hall route for sunday!) The worst part was that while stomping my biggest gears up the mountain at a very slow rpm I would begin to sweat fairly profusely, and then as I would head down to get some recovery that would all change and I would get very cold. I guess that is winter for you, maybe I should invest in some new DeFeet gloves and glove liners as well as extra booties to wear under my waterproof windproof curve booties and my problems will be solved.

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